About Us

Meet our Founders

3 women, 3 men; believers in group efforts, working as a team, valuing all perspectives, that everyone has a voice and doing our best to help others find the love and compassion we have found in our own CONNECTIONS!



A lively bunch of singles who discovered valuable commonalities in a virtual world (under the guise of great shenanigans) have now come together and wish to change the world one CONNECTION at a time. 

We each have our own origin story full of great perils, quests, heartaches and triumphs. Finding our place in a family based gospel can be a difficult journey and sadly a journey mostly traveled solo.  We are deeply passionate about providing a space to heal. Where you can find others on a similar path that can offer understanding, support, friendship and to help each other navigate our individual routes forward. We have each found tremendous value in friendships formed, experiences shared, perspectives offered and genuine love and concern for each other across various platforms that has literally spanned nations.

Grant ‘Special Ops’ Hamilton
Trained in the highest levels of conflict negotiation and speaking 27 different languages Grant is the loving father of 5 children. He’s been known to do some modeling on the side as long as his daughter promises to be his makeup artist. His place of residence is only available to those with the highest security clearance.
Connect via grant@latterdayconnections.org
Jason ‘Never Skips Leg Day’ Bullock
Born and bred from Small town Idaho, Jason is your go to if you need anything from a gym buddy, to deep belly laughs with his Fluffy impressions, and making sure the hospital in Pocatello, ID stays afloat on their computer systems. Jason is also an amazing father to 3, mostly grown, children. Super grateful to have met the other wonderful, crazy founders through primarily online interactions, he’s always looking for the best burgers and funniest dad jokes to share.
Connect via jason@latterdayconnections.org
Jenna ‘Bubblemaster’ Saunders
Once upon a time in the great Pacific North-West a girl was born in the middle of an unusually snowy winter. She went on to love and raise many animals and be the very last student to graduate with a degree in Zoology from BYU in Provo, UT. Now this woman, named Jenna lives in Utah, with her son, who is the most awesomest ever. Talk to her if you are up for some fun!
Connect via jenna@latterdayconnections.org
John ‘Super-tech-man’ Hamilton
Currently residing in the Tri-Cities of wonderful Washington state John is the proud father of 3 children. He enjoys most spending time with them, playing video games, reading books and helping others. He truly is the life of the party! In his spare time John dominates any tech issue that comes his way, some times one handed.
Connect via john@latterdayconnections.org