The Connections Theme

You might have noticed a common theme across our Latter Day Connections site, social media and chat groups. Our main inspiration is a campfire.

Why the Campfire?

Around a campfire is where we gather for fun, to share stories and form friendships. (And eat snacks of course – smores anybody?) This idea of shared stories, having some laughs and forming friendships is exactly the kind of connections we, the founders, had formed over early 2020. We realised that although there are multiple dating sites around, there aren’t many options for those wanting to connect without the pressure or expectation of dating. Wanting to help others find invaluable connections like our own, we formed our ‘campsites’ across various social media and our favourite video chat app – Marco Polo. (BYO snacks)

kimson-doan-people around fire on the beach at sunset
kimson-doan-people around fire on the beach at sunset

Our Website and social media share the campfire themed images. Our super fun Marco Polo groups are all named after Mountain Ranges and National Parks. (AKA: awesome places for outdoor adventures and fun around the campfire.)

All the links to our social sites can be found on our Member Connections page. Soon we will be adding some specialty groups to your connection options, so be sure to keep checking in. We sincerely hope that by connecting on any of our platforms, you will find support, laughter and lifelong friendships while we share this journey through ‘singledomhoodness’