Welcome to your Latter Day Connections

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Welcome to Latter-Day Connections, we are thrilled to have you join us! You have already set up your password and logged into the Members section of our site, so let’s look at all the other options you have to connect!


Our ‘Blogspiration‘ tab is the home of our blog. Only members who are logged in can access the blog. Here you will find a range of inspirational, informative, or funny articles. We love feedback so get those comment chains going. If you would like to submit an item to be considered for the blog contact our team.

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Member Connections

This is the main location to see all ways you can connect with each other. Here are the links to join the Facebook group, follow our Instagram page, find out about specialty groups we have available, and much more!

Connections site map - members tab


This is where you find our calendar of events. It shows both online and live events. We will also post events from our affiliate groups and events that members have organised that they would like to share with our members.

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Clicking the plus link, as pointed out by the red arrow, integrates this google calendar into your own calendar system. That way you can keep up with events as they are posted. Please note that the default for our calendar is Mountain Time USA. The event times should automatically adjust for the default time zone when integrated with your own calendaring system. Remember, when submitting an event for us to add to the calendar, please translate your start and end times into Mountain Time.

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Joining our Marco Polo Groups

In an effort to ensure that only Latter Day Connections members join our Marco Polo groups, you will be manually added to Marco Polo by one of our founders. If you selected to connect using Marco Polo on your membership form, then you will be contacted shortly after to get you added to one of our Marco Polo groups. Please make sure you have already downloaded the Marco Polo App to your phone. To join one of our specialty groups, simply let one of the founders know. If you originally chose to not to be in our Marco Polo Connections, but decide later that you would like to be, again, just contact one of the founders, and we can arrange for you to be added to a group.

When connecting using Marco Polo, please take a moment to review our Marco Polo Etiquette . If you are new to Marco Polo, we have some helpful tips for you here.

More Connections!

You do not have to join our Marco Polo groups to be a Latter Day Connections member. Alternatively, you might simply choose to join our private Facebook Group, follow our Instagram, or log in to our website to keep up with our blogs and our calendar. You are in control of how and where you make your connections.

Go Make Connections!

Our aim is to help everyone find valuable connections that offer the support you need and have some fun along the way. Everyone is welcome around our campfire. Please reach out if you have any issues, comments or concerns. We’re always here to help!